Controlling Variables

Broadleaf weeds are not only unsightly, but can be one of the biggest signs that your soil may be imbalanced. Did you know that weed seeds can lay dormant in the soil for years and won’t germinate until conditions are just right for them? If weed pressure starts to suffocate thinning areas of grass or bare spots, conditions become favorable for weeds such as crabgrass or creeping charlie. Soil pH is the main factor in determining whether conditions are favorable for weed growth.

As compaction, soil degradation, and loss of organic structure set in, turfgrasses begin to thin out. When the grass thins out, more sunlight is able to reach the soil, and those dormant weed seeds begin to germinate. Our fertilizer applications applied in Left Side Lawn Care’s premium 6 & 8 step programs are utilized throughout the year to contribute to favorable turf building essentials that include Nitrogen, Potassium, micronutrients, beneficial bacterias and amino acids to help encourage turf density.

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Left Side Lawn Care provides weed control services in both of our available premium 6 & 8 step programs offered. It’s important to note that treating mere symptoms and not the cause will not resolve issues in any lawn; it will just halt it temporarily.  Our lawn care program combines several methods for controlling weeds in the lawn; both cultural practices and herbicide applications if necessary. Our specialized herbicide applications are not harmful to your pets or loved ones, and our licensed applicators will decide what mode of action is best for your lawn during their service visit. If weed pressure is low, spot treating may be the only thing needed at that time. During the warm, hot growing season, we will immediately spot treat for any broadleaf weeds such as dandelions, henbit, violets, etc. that may be present. As the season progresses, the idea behind weed control applications become a necessity to help eliminate the threat of destroying turf that provides sustainability to our Earth.

Annual grassy weeds such as crabgrass are prevented by applying a pre-emergent such as Prodiamine or Dithiopyr. Our pre-emergent weed treatment offers excellent resistance against crabgrass pressure, and the pre-emergent will create a barrier in the soil to prevent weed seed from the germination process.

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Critical Cultural Practices

The 80/20 rule really can be applied to our society’s applicable ideas to helping our turf out naturally. 20 percent of the problems existing in our lawns stem from 80 percent of our soil conditions or inputs to treating lawns, and 80 percent of our control can stem from the 20 percent if the correct applicable process is thrown in. 

Mowing heights: Never take off more than a third of the blade of grass at a time. Short cut lawns will not retain moisture, and will be a breeding ground for weed growth.

Clippings: While mowing, a secondary pass may be needed to spread and disperse clippings evenly. Mounds of clippings not only suffocate the turf, but encourage lawn disease favorability. 

Leaves: Mulch leaves and let them lay if possible. Trees pull nutrients from the soil, and nutrients left on the ground will begin the microbial breakdown process again. 

Watering: Try to avoid night watering, and water deeply and infrequently. Mimicking rainfall is heavily advised, and grass will respond accordingly. Hot summer days will require more water, but an inch to one and a half inches is needed weekly to sustain the grass at a healthy level.

Aeration: Mitigate compaction = mitigate weed pressure in your yard. 

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Lawn care doesn’t need to be complicated. At Left Side Lawn Care, we love lawns and we love what we do! Let our experienced applicators explain the process to you, help you take back your weekends, regain your sanity, and let us do the hard work! What are you waiting for? Let’s go! 

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