If your soil is struggling from compaction, your fertilizer is going to struggle to reach the root zone, which is vital to turf density. A lawn that can breathe easier is going to uptake the nutrients in your fertilizer more readily, so before jumping the gun and applying more synthetic fertilizers for a quick short lived green up, consider core aeration.

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Core aeration services at Left Side Lawn Care


Soil compaction is common for both commercial and residential lawns, and is caused by prolonged pressure on the soil surface, resulting in compressed soil particles. Whether it be initiated by mowers, kids, pets or items sitting on lawns for extended periods of time, compacted soil doesn’t allow much space for water infiltration and root penetration, which stunts growth and hinders the health of your turf. Weeds such as goose grass and nutsedge thrive on poorly compacted soil profiles, and can decrease overall thickness of the turf.

Left Side utilizes a state of the art stand on aerator; applying hydraulic down pressure of up to 600 pounds to be able to pull longer core plugs. Removal of these cores of the soil from your lawn through an annual aeration can prevent soil compaction, giving your lawn a better chance to grow thick and healthy.

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Thatch is a layer of roots, stems and organic material that lives between the grass plant and the soil. If you start to get too much thatch (3/4 of an inch or more), your lawn may start to exhibit signs of stress and decline. Excessive thatch can minimize the utilization of nutrients and water applied throughout the growing season, and essentially is suffocating the lawn. 

With too much thatch, water fails to penetrate the soil and you may start to notice a browning effect on your lawn. Thatch build up can be from an excess amount of Nitrogen applied or a heavy build up of clippings from not mowing often enough. Clippings take time to break down, and too much is never a good thing. An annual core aeration will aid in thatch reduction with each core of soil pulled out, allowing water and air to reach the root zone more effectively. Our machines pull 6-8 plugs per square foot, and in this case of cores, the more-the better.

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Liquid aerification at Left Side Lawn Care

Aeration encourages a healthy root zone

Since aeration allows water, air, and fertilizer to reach the root zone more effectively, roots are stimulated to grow more freely and stronger. The condition of your soil is critical to growing a lush, vigorous stance of grass. Lush thick grass= less weed pressure naturally. Compacted soil hinders root growth, so making sure you address the situation by utilizing core aeration is one of the best ways to make sure your turf is in top condition.

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Aeration is a multi-faceted cultural approach

Core aeration offers a plethora of benefits, and since water, nutrients, and oxygen are all needed to grow grass, this approach is one of the most natural ways to improve your turf conditions.  Turf sequesters carbon, delivers oxygen for us to breathe, and helps filter the water to reduce unnecessary runoff into our storm sewers. We often take for granted the little things that affect our health the most, so let’s get back to the basics and keep things simple. Lawn care doesn’t need to be complicated nor should it be! Let Left Side Lawn Care help you get started to take back your yard!

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Core aeriation services at Left Side Lawn Care