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White grubs (Japanese beetles) have become very prevalent in the past few years, and Left Side Lawn Care is devoted to offering products in our program line that are safe for our loved ones and pets, but safe for the environment with less impacts on pollinators. Acelepryn is bee friendly, and has shown great control over grubs while feeding on the turf roots. The active ingredients are ingested and kill the grubs off from destroying yards.

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Source: Syngenta trials

Acelepryn applications

Acelepryn insecticide is the standard for grub control with excellent performance. A single application, applied early, can deliver season-long control of grubs, billbugs and turf caterpillars such as armyworms, cutworms and sod webworms. The broad-spectrum control of Acelepryn is also effective against European Crane Fly and can suppress chinch bug populations. As an insecticide available for turf, the unique class of chemistry and novel mode of action makes Acelepryn a great resistance management tool. The chart below shows the efficacy of Acelepryn and the control it holds over the course of the year. At Left Side Lawn Care, we only apply the best products that have the best control!

Acelepryn offers the most effective control when applied in April or May, but also delivers excellent control of grubs when applied in June (see table). The wide application window of Acelepryn gives our applicators the flexibility to make grub applications at a time that is convenient for our time tables during service visits in mid to late spring months. Due to its low water-solubility, Acelepryn applications made later in the season (June) should be watered-in to ensure it moves into the soil where it will be available to newly hatched grubs.

Acelepryn is a versatile product that fits well within Left Side Lawn Care’s premium lawn care programs and it is also labeled for use on landscape ornamentals. There are several methods to make applications, including:

  • A foliar application to control leaf-feeding caterpillars and Japanese beetle adults.
  • An injection into the soil to prevent lace bugs, aphids and birch leafminers.
  • A bark spray to eliminate clearwing borers.
  • Broadcast spray applications to landscape beds for grub control.
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our Approach

There are a variety of ways to apply acelepryn, however, we utilize Acelepryn in a liquid form that’s blanket sprayed (entire yard is sprayed) over every individual lawn on our routes. We apply to every lawn to mitigate stressors from grubs, as they can cause detrimental damage to lawns that may require extensive repairs. Repairs require capital. We believe in minimizing the effects of the white grubs by applying this with our specialized Steel Green sprayers that spray high volume. High volume means more carrier (water) to get worked into the soil to become active, and any form of acelepryn takes about one month to become active once watered in.

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After having applied Acelepryn for 3 years now, no breakthrough has been noted. We are confident in our methods of applications for grub control, and it’s the peace of mind guarantee that is backed with every single application we offer to our valued customers. You’ll sleep better knowing Left Side Lawn Care has your back when it comes to fighting battles with unwanted insects and pests in your beautiful yard spaces. Let us fight the fight with you- get in touch to see how our programs can benefit you, save time, save money, and most of all; your sanity!

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