Over-Seeding: New Beginnings

Over-seeding creates new beginnings for all of us. A new plant, a new variety of turf, a deep green color never seen before…Timing, the science behind turf blends, and specialized art of over-seeding evolve into syncopation together to create that beautiful stance of healthy, weed free turf that you will be able to enjoy and last for generations to come whilst carrying a positive environmental impact that will benefit us all!

The over-seeding process is vital to the ultimate natural beauty and resilience of your yard. The team of lawn care experts at Left Side Lawn Care is committed to combining carefully chosen turf type varieties that will withstand brutal winters, sultry summers, high traffic areas due to our beloved pets or mower use. “Create and maintain” is a simple way of seeing how beautiful green lawns and with exquisite beauty and vibrant, healthy growth may exist with our over-seeding services.

As part of your ongoing lawn-boosting blueprint, overseeding is an excellent process to grow and sustain an ideal lawn with pure, unequaled beauty. Only the professional nurturing of lawn care experts and gardeners or the caring, proactive attention that homeowners can provide will create well-cultivated lawns that will grow and flourish.

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Benefits of over-seeding

There are essential and beneficial features that over-seeding can provide for old lawns, new construction, or compacted uneven yards that ave taken excessive wear and tear from decades of use. Worn-down lawns can become overgrown with weeds and a battle ground where wars with weeds are waged. When you over-seed your sparse, worn out lawn, you are using an efficient technique for restoring your lawn to its former attractive, lush state that will help prohibit weed growth. Adequate and timely over-seeding in spring or fall time will revitalize and replenish your lawn without damaging or disturbing the surrounding turf already existent.

As experienced over-seeding and lawn care experts, we realize that many lawns surrounding homes today were initially seeded with grass varieties that are not compatible with the needs of modern lawn use, wear, and upkeep. These lawns are frequently plagued with disease and insect infestation and damage, and they require more maintenance and attentiveness to prolong their longevity. Whether it’s bluegrass, perennial rye, or turf type tall fescue, rest assured Left Side Lawn Care always utilizes grass varieties that are weed free and have excellent germination rates. A premium organic based fertilizer with Phosphorus is used in aiding germination rates to ensure that rooting development takes place and that the turf thrives the best it can.

Over-seeding your current turfgrass types and blending them amongst the older grass growth of a worn-out lawn during the spring or fall, we can help aid in the turf’s recovery of its natural state; lush and thick with deep green hues of color! A more dense grass coverage can assist any lawn struggling to be able to withstand any ill effects from insects, drought, disease, excessive amounts of shade or heavy foot or equipment traffic. Eventually, this over-seeding practice will result in a more soil driven approach; a more natural reduction in the amount of water, fertilizer, and pesticides needed to sustain a healthy grass stance.

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Aiding in turf recovery

Over-seeding your yard has several types of recovery, and here are the main ways we can help assist you and our environmental pledge of being better stewards:

Reduces run-off: Our turf acts as a catch basin. It catches the water from rain or irrigation and is able to use it. A healthy stance of turf eliminates runoff to storm drains, and can help to reduce what water is used to maintain your yard.

Purification: Turf grass is a natural way for the water table to be purified. A healthy, thick stance of grass from over-seeding will help in aiding to filter the current water that is being gravity fed down below it to our water tables.

Fertilizer reduction: When turf is dense and in good standing, it utilizes the nutrients it has instead of running off or feeding the weeds.

Erosion control: Grass is essential to our well being of controlling lost ground due to erosion. Not only does erosion strip soil of it’s profile, but it strips essential nutrients needed for longevity. A healthy grass stand from over-seeding will reduce erosion and protect the soil within.

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How we over-seed

Left Side Lawn Care uses a specialized drop seeder attached to our stand on aerator unit that precisely drops a certain amount of seed right before the core aerator tines penetrate the ground to pull plugs. We specifically designed the process this way dropping the seed before the aeration occurs to allow the seed to be covered adequately with core plugs from the soil. This process aids in germination quality, and helps rooting take place. New seeding of perennial rye & blue grass is a great blend for most of our Iowa yards; whether they are clay based or sandy, sunny or shady. The newest varieties that have been produced have shown a great deal of disease resistance which will help immensely in the fight against humidity and the hot sultry dog days of Iowa summers. Turf type tall fescue can be added at any given point of the over-seeding process, and offers great traffic resistance as well as disease resistance.

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Trust the PROCESS

We understand that things not only take time, but take an understanding to perfect the craft. Here at Left Side Lawn Care, we are committed to our craft, and want your lawn looking the best it ever has. Each lawn is a blank canvas, and we want to be a part of painting the picture perfect yard you’ve dreamed of for years. Please give us a call or fill out an inquiry to get an estimate for your next over-seeding project!

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