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Fertilizer is one of the most important things to maintain health and promote the growth of your plants either in the garden or in the yard. However, many people are slowly moving away from providers who are using chemical fertilizers to a natural based provider. This is primarily because it helps aid in preserving the environment by minimizing the unnecessary chemical applications Organic fertilizers are also good for the plant because they do not kill any helpful organisms and bacteria in the soil.

If you are thinking about changing from your current provider who strictly utilizes chemical based fertilizers, you should try out Left Side Lawn Care to see how these natural plant hormones produced may increase your yard’s health.

Revitalize & Nurture

One of the most basic ways we can apply triacontanol is via broadcasting granular to our turf and soils. We simply broadcast our customized fertilizer blends that contain natural based ingredients that are safe for you and your pets.

After we apply your fertilizer application, it’s best you water your turf, as usual, to aid working the fertilizer into the soil. This is a great way to increase both the organic matter and nitrogen content in your soil. Nitrogen is the workhorse, and it promotes chlorophyll production as well as photosynthesis.

If you have a new or existing lawn that has struggled due to poor soil conditions, we can apply our granular specialty products through aera-vation; a process that uses carbide tips that vibrate back and forth-side to side to loosen compacted soils to help aerify. These products can be applied right in with our aera vator machine. Increasing organic matter and feeding soil microbes is crucial to the development of the turfs immune and root capacity. Microbes feed on these nutrients and make them available for uptake to the turf plants.

Benefits Of Using Our Lawn Care Programs

Apart from all the benefits discussed above, there are some more benefits you get when using Left Side Lawn Care’s programs that you don’t get when using other service providers. The products and programs used are precisely and strategically thought out with YOU in mind, and this is how we revive our depleted soils:

✅ It is safe for your pets because it is 100% natural

✅ It helps preserve the environment and fights disease pressure

✅ It works faster than other generic slow release fertilizers

✅ Does not burn your turf and helps root density

Alfalfa meal has an NPK ratio of 3:5:3, although the levels of each component could differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Therefore, when we apply these nutrients to the soils,  the levels of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium are all added and some other elements that it helps add to your soil include:

  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Sulfur
  • Iron
  • Boron
  • Copper

Adding alfalfa helps boost the level of organic matter in your garden, and its high nitrogen content helps other organic matter in the soil to decompose. In addition, the added organic matter in the soil helps prevent soil compaction and helps maintain moisture in your yard. This ensures that there is enough airflow in the soil for turf plants and makes them more resistant to hot climates. The added organic matter also helps nurture the structure of your soil; which discourages erosion.

Since alfalfa meal contains fibers, natural sugars, protein, and amino acids, it acts as a great feed for the beneficial organisms in your soil. In turn, those microorganisms help break up the feed to produce necessary nutrients for the plants and naturally aerify the soil.

Our spring and fall blends contain triacontanol (alfalfa meal), which is a natural growth hormone. That helps stimulate the root growth zone of your grass and also helps promote photosynthesis/soil microbial intensity as mentioned above. The increased microbial influx can also feed beneficial nematodes in the soil that help control grubs, beetles and other parasitic nematodes/pests.

Heart & Soil

With Left Side Lawn Care’s innovative fertilizer programs, happiness comes in all shapes and sizes. We formulate and devote our heart and soul to preservation of our soils. We believe the largest impacts come from the smallest ideas. Incorporating small amounts of natural elements to each application play a vital role in giving back to our depleted soils, and we’re happy to be a part of it. Request a quote here to see how Left Side Lawn Care can help get your lawn back on track!

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