Many ask what makes us different… Let’s elaborate why we aren’t the same!

Most of your local lawn care companies offer a plan that utilizes a quick release fertilizer that has ammonium sulfate and a cheap urea base that is a false feeding. It tricks the turf into thinking it’s being fed nutritious values that will supplement and increase overall health. Applying these products take away from soil and decrease overall soil health.

At Left Side, our nutritional guide for fertilizer has chicken litter, beneficial bacterias, humic acid, & fulvic acid. Organic fertilizer inputs like chicken litter decay slower, reduce run-off and mitigate disease pressure due to reduced Nitrogen. Organics also increase cation exchange capacity, and help assist in the uptake of nutrients to the plant while speeding up microbial decay. The urea utilized is from Methylated & triazone to help reduce fast growth, but increase utilization of nutrients that won’t be lost to volatilization of heat, sun, or elements of Mother Nature. With better products, comes less disease pressure, overall vigor of the turf plants, and an increase in turf density. Density of grass will reduce herbicide inputs, and mitigate weed pressure naturally. Left Side Lawn Care products are thought out and have a natural focus on them for specific reasons- you and your family! Pet friendly too!

We realize we aren’t for everyone, but we sure do love what we do! If you are ready to make a difference and are ready for a change, please fill out an inquiry to set up a free consultation to get started on creating a beautiful lawn you’ve wanted for years!

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