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Our society has become obsessed with merely just applying products that don’t treat the root cause of why lawns suffer from severe compaction. This compaction causes thinning of turf, weed growth, and condensed soil that becomes unfit for growing conditions. Left Side Lawn Care has taken a vested interest in not treating the symptoms, but the true underlying causes of compaction. We invest heavily in machinery that helps us make an impact on our environmental stability and sustainability!

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Soil compaction has become a well versed discussion in the lawn care community the past few years. The how and why are overlooked, and oftentimes contractors just provide more synthetic fertilizers for a quick green up or aerate to keep customers temporarily satisfied. Our soils have become depleted over time due to lack of nutrients, abundance of products that aren’t relatable applied, and traffic of mowers, pets, and families partaking in events on their usable yard spaces. Lack of microbial exchange under our feet and within our soil profiles don’t make for a suitable environment for a natural aerification process to reside.

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Source: Syngenta trials


Welcome to AERA-vation; a superior way to alleviate compaction. Aera goes back to a simple meaning- aerification in our soils to increase overall health and help stressed soils. Aera-vation is the art of utilizing a specialized machine that is PTO driven. The carbide tips of the aeravator frack the soil; moving back and forth, side to side, creating a seed bed suitable for plant growth and relieving soil tension. Old lawn, newer lawn, or new construction all need attention. Our soil structures here in Iowa tend to be clay, sandy, or almost rocky on new construction.

The idea is to relieve soil tension from aera-vation and then provide a custom built fertilizer that’s organic based to encourage microbial decay and increase oxygen/carbon exchange to provide aerification naturally to the soil. This product also applies beneficial bacteria, humic, fulvic, and chicken litter to help mitigate compaction after the aera-vation takes place.

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While Left Side Lawn Care is completing the aera-vation process, we are able to apply grass seed directly over the tines of the machine that will get worked in while the aera-vator vibrates the soil and works it in. A roller is right behind the drive tines that lightly compresses the seed into place for seed to soil contact that is vital for germination.

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